Ventral Hernia Repair – The Recovery

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A surgery like the ventral hernia repair is pretty complicated. This means that after the ventral hernia repair you must be pampered. You need to take some time to recover after this surgery and although this does not mean you will be on bed rest for the rest of your life, it still implies the fact that you will need a couple of months to be completely back on your feet. Only after such a long time you can carry on with your old activities, until then, you should make sure that you will be just fine after the ventral hernia repair. This surgery is not very complicated for the doctors, as they do it all the time, but for you, as a patient, it is very important. You must take the doctors’ advice seriously and take really good care of you after the ventral hernia repair.

If your ventral hernia repair has no complication during the surgery, a few days after it, you will be able to start moving. You should not simply lie in bed all day long, but rather try to speed your recovery. Do not forget that in a few days of simply sitting you could also develop bedsores. You can avoid these if you get out of the bed and start easily to move around the room. Of course, you will not be able to run the marathon soon after the surgery. You simply need to take it step by step after the ventral hernia repair.

The ventral hernia repair is not very different to other operations and the recovery is similar to many. Once you get home, for the first 48 hours you should only eat light meals, in order to avoid complications. As you will probably be swollen, you will also use an ice bag at your hand. The ventral hernia repair recovery is not that difficult, but for you to completely resume you activities you will need more then a month. For the regular, day by day things to do, it is not necessary to wait for so long, but for sport and the effort that this implies, you should.