Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair

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A ventral hernia usually occurs when the muscles in the abdominal wall, where a previous surgical incision was made, have weakened and so a bulge or a tear results. The thing is that a hernia does not heal itself in time, on the contrary, it may even get worse, so you have to have a ventral hernia repair. The ventral hernia repair can be done laparoscopically, and this is the best technique you could opt for, because it has many benefits.

First, once you have a laparoscopic ventral repair procedure, you will not have to stay in the hospital. You will be able to go home that same day that you had the laparoscopic ventral hernia repair, or the next day. In this way, due to the shortened hospital stay, you will be able to return more quickly to your normal activities and routine. All you have to do before the ventral hernia repair procedure is to get informed and to talk to your doctor, so he/ she can tell you if you are a viable candidate. In order to determine that, you will probably have to do a medical evaluation, which includes blood work, chest x-ray and an EKG. After your surgeon reviews with you the potential risks and benefits of the operation, you will need to provide written consent for surgery.

The laparoscopic ventral hernia repair also has the benefit that the post-operative pain will be seriously decreased and the post-operative discomfort is usually moderate. After the laparoscopic ventral hernia repair, you will be able to return to your regular diet and, one step at a time, you will continue your normal activities prior to the intervention. Be careful however, because there is the possibility that complications will occur. If you notice anything different or if you are not feeling well, call your doctor immediately. However, the risk of complications is not very high, as the laparoscopic ventral hernia repair is a very safe procedure.